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  • Helsinki, Finland

Open Application

Job description

Often we might not have any positions open or perhaps the open ones don't really suit your style. This Open Application is a good way to let us know you're looking for a new home. Please leave us your details and we'll get back to you shortly.


Currently we're mostly interested in talented UX & UI Designers and WordPress & Frontend Developers.


As we're a closely interlinked team who likes to spend a lot of time together and work closely with our clients, we hope you are located in Helsinki, willing to relocate or commute to Helsinki on a daily/weekly basis.


Please, no offers for outsourcing in our job portal!


We’re a team of multidisciplinary designers and developers in Helsinki who are passionate about creating meaningful digital experiences for our clients. Simply put, we’re tired of poorly built digital services, and know there’s always a better way to do things. We’re often challenging existing ideas and conventions, and are eager to create new digital tools that stand out from the crowd.


Our multinational team has a mixture of cultures and backgrounds, which has generated an uniquely warm atmosphere. We’re outgoing, sarcastic, honest and always eager to keep learning. Hopefully, you are too. We like working closely together and always rely and learn from one another, so you’re never going to be stuck alone with a challenge or a project.


Making beautifully crafted WordPress websites and web applications with modern JS frameworks should be your bread and butter, as it is ours. We place great importance on intuitive UX, captivating visuals, usability and accessibility, so hopefully you find these important as well.



Think you'd fit the team?

Tell us who you are and what would you like to do. Be brave, be authentic, be you.


We hope you understand that we're a small, agile team who believe strongly in co-creation together with our clients. Thus, there is no room for big egos or show-offs. 


Us still being a young company, you'll get a chance to influence where we will grow, what we'll be doing and what your role will be in all of it. Interested to take on the challenge?